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MGT 347 International Management Field Study

Prerequisite: MGT 250, junior standing and permission of Instructor. Not open to students who have taken MGT 396E. New Core: Fulfills 3 credits in Area of Knowledge I. Service Learning Component.
Note: MGT 347 may be used as a substitute for one of the following requirements: MGT 308 for the Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) and Business Management Concentrations and either MGT 344 or MGT 349 for International Management majors.

Course Description: The International Management Field Study provides students with the unique opportunity to visit other countries and regions of the world and to learn about the cultures, subcultures, legal, political, and socio systems, economic order, and work settings of the area visited. Students will meet with foreign managers, educators, and government officials, as appropriate, to discuss issues affecting the practice of management in the region visited. In addition, students may participate in various local business or cultural events as a means of gaining a more personal understanding of the evolution and practice of management in that region. The field study component of the course will generally take place during intersession, spring break, or summer.

Course Rotation: Fall


3 credits


MGT 250 Minimum Grade of D