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MGT 355 Management Science and Production Management Concepts

Prerequisite: MAT 104 or MAT 137, MAT 117 or MAT 134 or MAT 234, MGT 250 and junior standing.

Course Description: This course acquaints the student with the management science approach to the solution of business problems in general and production problems in particular. Problems involving the business as a whole, as well as such areas as inventory control, production scheduling, quality control and decision analysis are considered. Topics include linear programming, integer programming, queuing theory, decision theory, probability concepts, and simulation.

Course Rotation: Fall, Spring, and Summer.


3 credits


(MAT 104 Minimum Grade of D or MAT 137 Minimum Grade of D) and ( MAT 117 Minimum Grade of D or MAT 134 Minimum Grade of D or MAT 234 Minimum Grade of D)