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NURS 258 Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

Clinical calculation exam and clinical clearance required. Restricted to Nursing majors in the four year bachelor and the combined degree programs only.

Course Description:This course focuses on nursing care of patients with psychiatric mental health illness including all of major diagnostic categories that affect children and adults. The student will use the nursing process to provide culturally competent care to patients with acute and long-term psychiatric conditions. Concepts related to mental health and mental illness will be examined from neurobiological, intrapsychic , interpersonal, and psychosocial theories. Evidence based practice strategies will be considered in the provision of comprehensive care to patients. Students will have the opportunity to practice in a variety of psychiatric and mental health settings.

Course Rotation" PLV:Spring


4 credits


NURS 110 Minimum Grade of C+ and NURS 202 Minimum Grade of C+ and NURS 212 Minimum Grade of C+ and BIO 152 Minimum Grade of C and BIO 153 Minimum Grade of C and ( BIO 264 Minimum Grade of C or BIO 254 Minimum Grade of C) and CHE 101 Minimum Grade of C and ( PSY 110 Minimum Grade of D and PSY 111 Minimum Grade of D) or PSY 112 Minimum Grade of D


NURS 250