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NURS 483 Cultural Mindfulness

Course Description:This course "for registered nurses in the RN/BS completion program" focuses on the impact of culture and diversity in the delivery of nursing and health care to individuals, families, groups, and the community. Professional and ethical mandates for the provision of individualized, culturally competent care are discussed with an emphasis on elimination of barriers to health care. Various conceptual models and theories of culture and related assessment tools are introduced and critiqued for usefulness in understanding and developing cultural awareness and competency. The influence of social stigma, discrimination and marginalization in creating health care disparities for diverse groups at the individual and population levels is analyzed. Strategies for the registered nurse to identify and influence cultural competence among multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teams within the workplace are explored. Self-reflection as a means for understanding professional and personal values and biases as they relate to patient care is integrated throughout the course.
Course Rotation:Spring; NY: PLV


3 credits