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NURS 640 Advanced Physical Assessment

Course Description: This course is designed to assist the student to gain proficiency in comprehensive health evaluation across the lifespan within the context of family and community. Using an evidence-based practice framework the student will develop skills in history taking, family assessment, cultural assessment, risk assessment, basic laboratory procedures and diagnostic studies, health promotion/disease prevention planning, and appropriate documentation. This skill set will enable the student to begin to develop diagnostic reasoning skills consistent with advanced practice nursing and will assist the student to progress to a problem focused history and physical. Course Rotation: Fall


6 credits


NURS 801 Minimum Grade of B and NURS 681 Minimum Grade of B and NURS 682 Minimum Grade of B and NURS 802 Minimum Grade of B and NURS 803 Minimum Grade of B and NURS 804 Minimum Grade of B