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NURS 753 Wellness Coaching

Course Description:This course will enhance the therapeutic relationship skills for graduate nurses in the coaching and guidance realm. The course will provide an overview of "Wellness-Coaching" mythology, which integrates principles and tools from behavioral science, psychology, counseling and life and corporate coaching. Coaching is the art and science of creating a conversation and way of being with patients that facilitates a person to move toward their desired goals. Because behavior change starts in the mind, nurses can use wellness coaching skills to help clients develop the mindsets necessary to navigate the difficult path of lifestyle change. Students will learn the current evidence on the mythology and get an introduction to the wellness coaching process and techniques, including appreciative inquiry, reflective listening, motivational interviewing, non-violent communication and radical acceptance, visioning, goal-setting, extreme self care, coaching presence and the power of generative moments.

Course Rotation: WWW:FALL


3 credits