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PACD 307 Contemporary II

Prerequisite: Listed prerequisite, and the student must be pursuing a B.F.A. degree in Commercial Dance or pursuing a B.A. degree in Theater/Commercial Dance.

Course Description: Contemporary II is a genre of dance popularized following the post-modern dance era. Typically refers to modern dance forms that include influence from jazz, theatre dance, hip-hop and other stylized genres. Contemporary movement at Pace University is a fusion of modern dance training, which does not identify with any codified system or technique. The contemporary classes are a hybrid of jazz, modern, and ballet, which hone dancer’s technique, and develop unique movement styles specific to each dancers’ individuality. 2 semesters of contemporary are required for graduation. Contemporary I DAN, Contemporary 2 DAN. The study of contemporary dance techniques. During discussions and assignments students will be encouraged to develop their critical awareness of contemporary dancing as a performing art.


3 credits