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PACD 400 Ballet VI

Prerequisite: List prerequisites, and student must be pursuing a B.F.A. degree in Commercial Dance or pursuing a B.A. degree in Theater/Commercial Dance.

Course Description: Ballet a highly formalized and codified system of classical training taught in both the European and American fashion as a basis for all performance dance techniques. It is an exceedingly technical form of dance with its own vocabulary, which will additionally be part of each class at Pace University. Ballet training is essential to building successful dancers and the B.F.A. classes are focused on development of technique, line, strength, and agility. 6 semesters of ballet are required for graduation. Classes offered Ballet I, Ballet II, Ballet III, Ballet IV, Ballet V, and Ballet VI. Ballet VI encompasses the more difficult movements and ballets of the classical and contemporary ballet. Pointe work for the entire class is required. Dancers must have the technical strength to execute exercises at the barre, center floor work and to perform pertinent ballet repertoire taught in class. Students must have achieved proficient technical level, to execute the class on Pointe and have basic ballet partnering knowledge.


3 credits