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PACD 407 Modern Dance

Prerequisite: Listed prerequisites, and the student must be pursuing a B.F.A. or B.A. degree in Commercial Dance.

Course Description: Modern dance is a style of dance that moves away from the rigid rules of ballet. Modern dance has an emphasis on gravity, weighted emotional movements, and using opposition and succession as movement motivations. There are numerous codified systems of modern dance training such as Horton, Limon, Graham, and Cunningham, which will be evenly touched upon throughout modern training in the B.F.A program. There is no one modern technique that is predominantly taught at Pace University. One Semester of modern is required for graduation.


3 credits


PACD 100 Minimum Grade of D and PACD 105 Minimum Grade of D and PACD 200 Minimum Grade of D and PACD 205 Minimum Grade of D and PACD 302 Minimum Grade of D