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PAFT 122 Physical Prep-Functional Training II

This course continues with the work of Functional Training I, building on the strength, flexibility, and shaping of the actor's body from head to toe. Text work between partners is added to advanced physical exercises while applying listening and reacting skills to the rehearsal and performance of film and television work. Additionally, students explore how to vary levels of expressiveness with their voice and body to fit the camera and on-set microphone, and how to release tension in the voice and body to more fully experience and communicate emotion on the text. The class work consists of a fusion of physical training techniques; a combination between performance philosophy, an exploration of dance and movement concepts emphasizing the il.mdamentals and mechanics of the body as an expressive tool with special focus on contemporary avant-garde forms of expression. It combines dance, theater, improvisation and performance art to create a unique performing art form.


3 credits


PAFT 121 Minimum Grade of C