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PAFT 214 Commercial Acting II

This course continues the exploration and mastery of the different types of audition situations and commercial genres encountered in a professional acting career. This "on your feet" course teaches actors to listen actively, think creatively, trust their instincts, and live "in the moment." Practice on and ofi camera, applying these skills to callback situations, interviews, and evolving media such as Skype. Delve into the usc of teleprompters and ear prompters. Lectures address key aspects of a commercial career including: agent representation, union affiliation, the casting process, set etiquette, commercial financial formulas, as well as actor interaction and communication with the director and casting personnel. At the conclusion of the course, the student will have the information and tools to effectively begin the professional commercial audition process. Work will be taped for in-class critique.


3 credits


PAFT 213 Minimum Grade of C