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PAFT 222 Physical Prep-Functional Training IV

This course reviews and strengthens the physical techniques learned in Physical Preparation I, II and III, and continues with a deeper investigation of the physical connection, impulse, partnering and improvising. Students gain additional control and strength over their physical technique through advanced warm-ups and exercises, and apply these technical skills to the rehearsal and performance of film and television text: both monologue and scene work. Students also gain an increased awareness of the importance of physicalization and relaxation/concentration in the communication of story in an acting scenario and in the establishment of genre, as well as the connection between voice and an actor's "type." Additionally, students explore how to vary levels of expressiveness with their voice and body to fit the camera and microphone, and how to release tension in the voice and body to more fully experience and communicate emotion on the text.


2 credits


PAFT 221 Minimum Grade of C