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PAFT 231 Speech I

This course has as its primary objective the development of clear, open, efficiently produced voice and consistently good Neutral American articulation. The International Phonetic Alphabet is taught to develop aural perception, visual signaling, kinesthetic awareness and as an aid in future speech and dialect work. Relaxation, optimal breathing and the correct placement of every sound in spoken English are the basic principles underlying the entire course. Foundations are set for the awareness, experience and practice of a free, relaxed, supported, and authentic voice unencumbered by habitual patterns thereby allowing a connected expression of thought, breath, emotion, voice, and speech to unify and emerge. The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is further developed as a device for training the ear, enabling the student to be specific in the use of sounds and providing him with a method for approaching future work. In addition to aural awareness, the IPA training provides strong visual cues to phonemes. Careful focus on the distinct movements of the articulators connects kinesthetic learning.


3 credits