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PAFT 314 Voice Over II

This course continues to help the student master the art of delivering copy with ease, believability, conviction, confidence, the required emotional and narrative qualities, and the ability to do it over and over with slight adjustments, analyze scripts, record various types of characters (straight, real, multi-voice). Also included are animated/cartoon character voices, a large variety of copy, and advanced terminology used by the director, producer, and casting personnel. An additional focus is on how to prepare for cold copy readings and auditions. Class will provide additional information on the industry, professional work, studio etiquette, and marketing techniques. At completion of the class, the student understands where he or she fits in the industry and knows what steps to take next. The student will learn how to select appropriate material for a professional demo as well as how to get it into the hands of those who do the hiring.


3 credits


PAFT 313 Minimum Grade of C