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PAS 605 Basic & Laboratory Sciences II

Course Description: . This course is the second part of a sequenced two-semester course designed to provide the student with an understanding of and use of clinical laboratory testing as an aid to the diagnosis, treatment and management of disease. The course focuses on basic laboratory tests and procedures used to investigate clinical problems encountered in the in-hospital and outpatient settings. Students will be instructed in the indication, selection, interpretation and evaluation of laboratory tests in the major content areas of: evaluation of liver and pancreatic testing, chemistry electrolytes and metabolic panels, serologic testing for connective tissue disorders and gout, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) analysis, endocrinology including thyroid function tests, tests used in diabetes diagnosis and management, adrenal and pituitary gland disorders, renal function tests and urinanalysis.

Course Rotation: NY: Spring


2 credits


PAS 512 Minimum Grade of B- and PAS 534 Minimum Grade of B- and PAS 547 Minimum Grade of B- and PAS 601 Minimum Grade of B- and PAS 604 Minimum Grade of B- and PAS 606 Minimum Grade of B-