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PAST 120 Fundamentals of Storytelling

This course is an introduction to the foundational principles of Western narrative construction and how they’ve changed over time. Studying Aristotelian theory and traditional structures like myth, fairy tale, the hero’s journey, and conventional comedic tropes, as well as more recent departures from standard narrative strategies, the student will deconstruct and examine the elements of Western narrative that lie at the heart of today’ s theater, film, TV, and the media storytelling. In addition to analyzing readings, film, theater and TC scripts, and video games, the student engages in creative writing and performance exercises that both demonstrate and push against traditional Western storytelling conventions. This is a prerequisite to Playwriting or Screenwriting I.

3 credits

PAST 180 Theatre History I for Writers

This course offers a survey of dramatic literature, dramatic theory, and theater criticism in a historical context, from ancient Greece through the late seventeenth century. In observing the dramatic literature and theory of each era, we will attempt to unea1th the complex linkages between performance, culture, technology, and historical moment that gave rise to it and perhaps by doing so shed new light on the theater of today.

3 credits