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PAST 410 Senior Writer's Workshop for Theater and Media

Senior Writer's Workshop I is the first half of a year-long workshop for advanced writers. Over the course of these two semesters, senior writers will choose a genre (playwriting, screenwriting, TV comedy or drama writing, webisode writing, video game writing, other writing for media) and create a full­ length, original work (or series of works, in the case of some media) totaling 90-120 pages, that is polished, rewritten, and ready to pitch or send out by the end of the year. Students will use the shared, cross-genre vocabulary and experience they have developed together to rigorously workshop each other's work, actively participating in each piece's growth through critique, research recommendations, co-editing, in-class performance of the work, etc. The instructor may also arrange periodic visits from professionals writing in the genres chosen by the seniors.


2 credits


PAST 310 Minimum Grade of C and PAST 330 Minimum Grade of C