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POL 296W Topic: Money, Message and American Political System

Prerequisite: POL 111 or permission of the Instructor.

Course Description: This course will be videoconferenced with the C-Span center in Washington DC and the University of Denver. The objective of this class is to critically examine the way we elect our public officials, including the extensive process behind the scenes. Classroom guests will be brought in to the studio in DC and will add to the educational experience in the field of government, media and the political process. We will also incorporate material from the C-Span archives, as well as other video/film/television material from other sources, to enhance this unique learning experience. At the conclusion of this class, you will have a clearer understanding of the American political system. We will study political history, campaign financing, special interest money, media strategy, polling and grassroots organization.


3 credits


POL 111 Minimum Grade of D