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POL 297H Topic: Presidential Leadership: The Politics of Change

Course Description: Change was the major theme of the 2008 Presidential election. This course will examine how American presidents have brought about change during the first few months of their administrations. The newly elected President and his policies will be examined as well as the political strategies he uses to forward his agenda. Comparisons will be made with the first two years (2000-2002) of the Bush presidency and the first two years of the Clinton presidency (1992-1994) as well as the Ronald Reagan and Franklin Roosevelt administrations. We will focus on the resources the president has to use and the opposition which he must overcome to bring about change. We will be looking at mass media analysis, presidential histories and undertaking policy analysis of competing proposals. The emphasis will be on a dynamic analysis of the various proposals undertaken, how they fare and the political implications of these actions. Given the continuing economic concerns, the foreign policy concerns, and the need to meet leadership questions quickly, this should be a lively and provocative course. Students with a general interest in public policy and presidential leadership should take the course.


3 credits