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POL 297I Topic: Global Justice

Course Description: Do we have duties of justice as global citizens? Is it even possible to speak of justice beyond the borders of a political community like the "nation-state"? For example, are we permitted to be selfish and not care about world hunger? May we favor our own countrymen and countrywomen over foreigners? lf our duties conflict, how do we reason about them? These are some of the types of questions we address in this course. We look at what justice is as a concept, how to determine whether something is a matter of personal ethics or justice, how that helps us answer what global justice specifically is, how to use empirical studies of the world to determine how to apply standards of justice in concrete cases, what global justice would look like if it were to realized, how it might be advanced in a world where states still are the most powerful actors, and to what extent citizens, political leaders, and other actors have a duty to further global justice. Specific topics may include world hunger and poverty, global economic in equality, just war theory, self-determination and secession, immigration, culture, and human rights.

Course Rotation: PLV: Spring, even years


3 credits