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POL 303K Topics in Political Science: Brazil: Diplomacy and Sustainable Development

b> Course Description: Off Site. This 3 credit travel course will depart on July 23, for Brasila, Brazil. The first component to this trip will be the participation in the 2008 Americas Model UN Conference, where registered students will be able to practice their diplomacy skills with students from around the world in developing global solutions to global problems. The second component to this course is a excursion into the Amazon to witness first hand the development of a super highway through the rain forest. Students will examine the displacement of indigenous people, deforestation, environmental degradation, and will be asked to prepare position papers with policy suggestions for sustainable development. This course can stand alone as a 3 credit summer course, with course work being completed before and after return. Additionally, this course can be combined with fall registration, with the travel and Model UN course work being completed prior to departure and the sustainable development course work being completed during the course of Fall 2008 academic semester.


3 credits