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SOC 102 Introduction to Sociology

Course Description: An introduction to the basic concepts, methods, and application of the sociological perspective. These concepts will be viewed in relation to contemporary institutions and trends.

Course Rotation: Fall, Spring, and Summer.

3 credits

SOC 106 Introduction to Social Work

Course Description: An introductory survey of the practice of social work, its purpose and function, values and philosophical premises, body of knowledge, and historical roots. Case illustrations will be used to demonstrate the generic approach to problem solving. Fields of practice will be examined in the context of essential relationships among social welfare policy, agency structure, service delivery systems and social work research.

3 credits

SOC 110 Social Problems

New Core: Fulfills 3 credits in Area of Knowledge III or 3 credits in Area of Knowledge V.

Course Description: An analysis of contemporary social problems with emphasis upon problems of the urban American scene. A high degree of student participation in the choice of specific social problems to be studied, analyzed and presented.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall. PLV: Fall and Spring - Odd years.

3 credits

SOC 111 Urban Sociology

Course Description: Among the topics considered are: the history of the development of the city; urban ecology and social structure; city politics and government; urban problems such as housing, employment, minorities, religion, education, and recreation; and the city of tomorrow.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall - Even years, and Summer. PLV: Spring - Odd years.

3 credits

SOC 112 Race and Ethnicity in Cities

An analysis of the economic, social, cultural and political situation of African-Americans, Asians, Latinos, and other minority groups in the United States. This course will focus on social conflict and struggle for survival and power in Urban America.

3 credits

SOC 113 Dynamics of Change - What Next?

New Core: Fulfills 3 credits in Area of Knowledge V.

Course Description: An examination of the generation, distribution, and impact of ideological, economic, technological, and cultural change. Topics include theories of social change, changing values, attitudes, and lifeways in contemporary society.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall - Odd years and Spring - Odd years.

3 credits

SOC 113A Dynamics of Change

Course Description: This course will examine the circumstances under which social change occurs, and investigate how changes in the economy, the environment, in family forms, and in technology have impacted both the United States and the world. Over the course of the semester we will examine how the internet has changed the way we work, talk, learn and date; how fluctuating economic patterns alter the choices individuals make, and how a shifting global environment is alternating the world we will inhabit in the future. We will also explore the role of social movements in creating social change both in the U.S. and abroad, and will conclude the course by discussing the role that individuals play in creating, and changing the social world.

4 credits

SOC 114 Criminology

New Core: Fulfills 3 credits in Area of Knowledge V.

Course Description: An analysis of the nature and definition of crime as a particular form of deviance, types of criminal behavior, and the institutions of the legal system.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall and Summer. PLV: Fall and Spring.

3 credits

SOC 116 Sociology of Deviance

New Core: Fulfills 3 credits in Area of Knowledge V.

Course Description: A theoretical analysis of the sociological theories of deviant behavior including social causation and societal labeling. Sociological analysis of the development and social impact of deviant groups and their role within the structure of society.

Course Rotation: NYC: Spring - Even years.

3 credits

SOC 118 Sociology Through Film

New Core: Fulfills 3 credits in Area of Knowledge V.

Course Description: This course introduces students to various topics in sociology through the use of feature films. Students study such issues as race relations, family dynamics, urbanization, and crime by viewing films, analyzing the films' content, and reading sociology literature.

Course Rotation: NYC: Spring and Summer.

3 credits

SOC 196G Topic: Urban Planning

New Core: Fulfills 3 credits in Area of Knowledge I. Service Learning Component.

Course Description: A study of the history and practice of urban and community planning with a particular emphasis on New York City.

3 credits