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SPA 154X Topic: Contemporary Spain on the Canvas, Stage, Screen and Page

Transfer students may use this course to meet the Core requirements. Education and Dyson students may use this course for Enhancement or Dyson overlay.

New Core: Fulfills 3 credits in Area of Knowledge IV.

Course Description: This course offers students an overview of modern Spain with respect to history and culture. A wide array of cultural topics from the 20th – 21st centuries will be presented in their historical contexts and will include the following areas: music, dance, art, theater, film, literature, bullfighting, and misc. other public spectacles and traditions. The historical periods will be broken down into the following: Pre-Civil War, Civil War, Franco dictatorship, and the current democracy. Economic, social, religious, and political issues for each period will also be considered. Students will engage in the course topics through a variety of readings, in-class discussions, audio-visual materials, research, 2-3 cultural excursions, and several writing assignments. This course will be taught in English.


3 credits