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SPA 155E Topics:The Fantastic Reality of Spanish Spirit

Course Description: This course will focus on the unique aspects of Spanish culture and experience as they present themselves thematically in literature and film. Emphasis will be placed on the manner in which these ideas have contributed to current questions and to the way we see the world around us. We will view and analyze films that bring this literature to life. Discussion and written assignments about major themes will accompany the showing of these films. The material shall traverse the centuries from the Middle Ages to the present day: from the heroic The Cid to the social reality of the picaresque world and its confrontation with the fantastic dreams of Don Quixote. We will look at the egotistical Don Juan, the Trickster of Seville, the philosophical questions of Miguel de Unamuno and Graham Greene, and the societal changes and political confrontations of modern society (Don_Segundo Sombra and The Lost City). All readings and discussions will be conducted in English.

Course Campus:Pleasantville.


3 credits