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SPA 480E Contemporary Hispanic Culture through Film: A Collaborative Student Project through Blogs and Wikis

Course Descriptio: The main objective of the course is at the same time to develop proficiency in all four skills and to provide a contemporary view of Hispanic, Latin American and Spanish culture, through the study of film. The course will be conducted entirely in Spanish. In this course we will explore cinematographic modes of representing reality in Hispanic Countries. We will take into account the many facts that determine the filmic representations of the Spanish-speaking societies of the last third of the 20th and the 21st centuries. Such factors include class, race, gender, culture, aesthetics and ideology. We will therefore study different strategies adopted by Spanish-language film directors in order to articulate their perceptions of the social realities in which they are immersed.

This course will also introduce Web 2.0 (blogs, wikis, podcast, rss feed, Second Life discussion groups, etc) tools and students will join discussion about culture through Spanish-speaking blogs. The course will be based around a collaborative wiki project to be determined by consensus where students will incorporate their own podcasts as well as comment personal and group projects on specific scenes, directors, films, topics and countries.


3 credits