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THR 505 Workshop 1

Course Description: The Workshop unites all the students at the end of each week in an intensive session of applied technique. Designed to expose the students to the principles and techniques of the Actors Studio's most experienced artists, the Workshop enlists Moderators of the Actors Studio in a four-week rotation.

At the end of each week, the various sections reunite in the collegial atmosphere this program is designed to foster, for a workshop conducted by a roster of teachers drawn from our greatest resource: the vast technical knowledge, practical experience and luster of the Actors Studio 800-member roster.

The Workshop will differ markedly from the Basic Technique classes in that every four weeks a new instructor will arrive on the scene with his or her own three-hour agenda for the class. In this way, the students will be exposed to the individual views, principles and techniques of some of the most illustrious and gifted member of the Actors Studio.


3 credits