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THR 602 Scene Work 2

Course Description: It is in this course that the students move from the preparation of themselves to the preparation of the part. Through Stanislavski historic investigations of action, objective, beats, characterization, and given circumstances, the students learn the principles of scene analysis and the actor's obligation to the text. Although the directors and playwrights are specializing in this second year, their training would be incomplete without this second phase of training. So Scene Work (1 and 2) is also required for them. The directing students in this class continue to participate in the work as actors (as do the playwrights). Scenes and exercises are not directed in Scene Work: the actor must be free to find his or her own way into the character and the scene, making his or her won, not a director's mistakes, on the theory that we learn best from our own mistakes. This year the directors and playwrights also exercise their muscles, and learn from their mistakes, in the Playwrights and Directors Unit. Most of the material used in the scene work classes is taken from the traditional repertoire of American and Foreign realistic plays, from the 1890s to the present. It is chosen by the students, with the teacher's approval or recommended by the teachers to present particular challenges to the student. Scenes from "classic plays – Shakespeare, the Restoration repertoire, the Greeks- are not explored until the Third year, when the M.F.A students have the technical grounding that will permit them to face the stylistic demands of the classical repertoire without falling back on rhetorical convention.

Course Rotation: NYC: Spring.


6 credits


Pre-requisite for THR 602 ( Course : THR 601 . Minimum Grade of C. )