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THR 607 Craft Seminar 3

Course Description: These Craft Seminars, which have been offered since the program's first week in 1994, have become the most famous and visible of its many unique features. Seen across America and around the world as the award-winning television serried Inside the Actors Studio, this course is designed to introduce the students to some of the most renowned actors, writer, and directors in theater, film, and television. What the television public sees on the Bravo Network in America, and in nearly every major country in the world, is one hour of student's three – to four- hour experience: the interview on stage, followed by an hour – or two, or more – in an intensive private class, taught by the evening's guest for the program's students. During the three years of this program the students attend 48 of these once-in-a-lifetime events.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall.


0 credits