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THR 708 Audition Techniques II

Course Description:
This course prepares the third-year student for the practical entrance into the professional worlds of stage, film, and television by means of a thorough training in the essential techniques for auditioning in the various situations he or she will face. The techniques will address the several types of auditions, including those for agents and managers, casting calls, and cold readings. The student will leave the course with a foundational repertoire of contrasting audition monologues, suitable for general, large-scale auditions or the narrower scope of casting and talent agent offices. Cold-reading instruction will address general protocol, side preparation, and working on-camera. Required for Actors. Elective for Directors and Playwrights.
Course Rotation: NY: Fall.


2 credits


THR 601 Minimum Grade of B- and THR 602 Minimum Grade of B- and THR 707 Minimum Grade of B-