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NURS 650 Advanced Theory and Practice I for Family Nurse Practitioners

Prerequisite: NUR 621, NUR 624, NUR 655, NUR 674, NUR 681, NUR 682.

Co-requisite: NURS 671.

Course Description:This course builds upon the student's proficiency in comprehensive health evaluation across the lifespan within the context of family and community. Using an evidence-based practice framework the student will assess and manage most common acute and chronic illnesses, including demonstration of knowledge of pathophysiology, and pharmacologic interventions sccording to current standards of care. The didactic component of this course will focus on the care of clients with cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, gastrointestinal, and reproductive/genitourninary conditions, and the family nurse practioner's role and responsibilities in the provision of this care.

Course Rotation: PL: Spring.


6 credits


NUR 621 Minimum Grade of B and NUR 624 Minimum Grade of B and NUR 655 Minimum Grade of B and NUR 681 Minimum Grade of B and NUR 682 Minimum Grade of B and ( NUR 674 Minimum Grade of B or NURS 640 Minimum Grade of B)