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MBA 679 Value Creation and Competitive Advantage in Global Markets

Course Description: Rapid changes in communications technology and the globalization of markets have changed the way marketers plan and manage innovation. Communities of customers now play a much larger role in shaping innovation strategy and execution. Reflecting recent changes in how consumers interact with companies, this course focuses on topics such as engaging customers through the innovative use of technology, understanding consumers’ group interactions that may affect the diffusion of innovations, methods of interacting and connecting with customers that enhance value, and managing production, product development, distribution and alternative selling methods that impact consumers' perceptions of the value of products, services and brands. Uses a combination of quantitative analysis, case studies and/or group projects to show how theory can be applied in solving and understanding marketing problems.

Course Rotation: NY: Spring and Summer.


3 credits


Pre-requisite for MBA 679 ( Course : MBA 642 . Minimum Grade of C. )