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Technology Enhanced Instructional Facilities

Computer and Internet Resources

Pace University's PACENet connects all building on all campuses and offers a high-speed link to the Internet as well as other internal University resources. Wired and wireless network access is available in the dormitories, library, student union, classrooms, and other locations throughout the university. Computer labs, called Computer Resource Centers (CRCs) are open access rooms dedicated to student coursework and faculty research. CRCs on each campus offer a host of services including Web access, e-mail accounts, and self-paced documentation. CRCs are supported, day and evening, by full-time staff and part-time student consultants.

Smart Classrooms

All labs and classrooms have full access to the Internet. Classrooms are equipped with computers and interfaces for students to plug their laptops in when doing class presentations.

Accounting Labs

Accounting Labs are located in New York City and Pleasantville, and are used to supplement accounting course instruction and by accounting students to complete their course assignments. The labs are equipped with the latest accounting software and have scheduled open hours, which allow students to use them when not in use for classes or tutoring sessions. In Pleasantville, the Accounting lab is staffed by peer tutors who provide assistance in the foundation and upper-level accounting courses by working in small group tutorials with the students. In New York, similar peer tutoring is provided in most accounting subjects through the Tutoring Center.

Marketing Labs

State-of-the-art Marketing Labs, located in New York City and Pleasantville, are equipped with the latest computer equipment and software, including the Telmar system and desktop publishing. The Marketing Labs enable students to be on the cutting edge of marketing technology and are used extensively by the Ad Teams in preparation for the annual American Advertising Federation’s National Student Advertising Competition.

The Interactive and Direct Marketing Lab is a one-of-a-kind, Pace exclusive, student-run direct and interactive marketing agency, which offers internships to juniors, seniors and graduate students.