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Graduation Policies, Honors, and Awards

Commencement - Commencement exercises are scheduled once a year, every May. Degree recipients in December, or students who are expected to complete their degree requirements in May or August of the same year, are eligible to participate in commencement exercises in May.

Latin Honors - Bachelor’s Degree Students Are Awarded Honors For High Scholastic Achievement On The Following Basis:

Summa cum laude       

Final QPA of 3.85–4.00

Magna cum laude 

Final QPA of 3.65–3.84

Cum laude  

Final QPA of 3.50–3.64

Graduation With Distinction - Students who have completed 32–59 credits at Pace University, and are therefore not eligible for Latin Honors, and who have earned a bachelor’s degree with a final QPA of 3.50 are eligible to receive their degrees with distinction. Graduates of the associate degree programs who have earned a final QPA of 3.50 and have completed at least 30 credits at Pace are also eligible to receive their degrees with distinction.