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INT 296E Topic: History and Religion of the Middle East: Holy Nationalism

Prequisite: ENG 102 or ENG 120,
Old Core: Fulfills Exploratory/non-Western History and 3 credits of Religious Studies Enhancement.
New Core: Fulfills 6 credits in Area of Knowledge III. Learning Community

Course Description: This team -taught survey course explores the relationship between Judaism, Christianity and Islam and the history of the Middle East. Topics include the major beliefs of the three monotheistic religions, Muhammad and early Islam, the medieval Arab world, the Ottoman Empire and Persia (Iran), and the development of the modern Middle East. Special attention will be paid to Zionism and the history of the Arab/Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Islamic fundamentalism and women in the Middle East.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall- Even Years


6 credits


ENG 102 Min Grade D or ENG 120 Min Grade D