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Academic Dismissal

Failure to make satisfactory academic progress toward the BBA degree will eventually result in academic dismissal from the Lubin School of Business and Pace University. Students are allowed at least one semester on academic probation to improve their academic performance and to raise their CGPA to a 2.00. Students who fail to sufficiently improve their academic performance while on academic probation will be academically dismissed from the Lubin School and Pace University. Students may appeal their academic dismissal in writing to the Lubin Undergraduate Appeals Committee in care of the Lubin Office of Undergraduate Academic Advisement on their home campus.

Students who are dismissed for poor academic performance may not register for classes at any of the Pace campuses for at least one full academic year. After this time, students may apply for reinstatement to the Lubin School Associate Dean and Director of Undergraduate Programs. Requests for reinstatement are to be made in writing and should include reasons for requesting reinstatement, action taken to address past problems, and a plan to correct past academic deficiencies and ensure satisfactory academic progress in the future. Students may be reinstated only once to Pace University after academic dismissal.