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MAR 640 Selling Skills and Managing the 21st Century Sales Team

Course Description: Business development efforts in most companies require a sales team trained in the use of state-of-the-art selling techniques. They need to engage customers in the purpose of larger dollar sales opportunities requiring professional personal selling efforts within the context of integrated marketing communications. This course prepares the student for professional sales management positions in digital media sales as well as traditional high ticket sale opportunities. A hands-on learning experience enables the student to learn the skills required to become a professional salesperson. Emphasis is placed on helping the student build professional selling techniques for in-person presentations through extensive use of role playing professional selling situations to engage the client. Sales management topics include: building and managing the sales territory, developing competitive compensation plans, and goal setting for the sales team. Also, covers use of digital context management tools for managing the sales team (e.g. LinkedIn,, Mapinfo, ArcInfo) and visualization tools (e.g. Tableau, Google Analytics) to build business development opportunities.

Course Rotation: NY; Fall


3 credits