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List of Accelerated Combined Dyson Undergraduate/Pace Graduate Programs

The following is a List of Accelerated Combined Pace Undergraduate/Pace University Graduate Programs that offer Dyson College undergraduates with superior academic abilities an opportunity to earn a BA or BS degree and a graduate degree in a shortened period of time than by pursuing them separately.

Note: There are separate admissions requirements for the graduate portion of the program, and admission to the undergraduate part of the program does not guarantee admission to the graduate part. Both degrees are awarded at completion of the graduate program requirements.

--Applied Psychology and Human Relations B.A./Mental Health Counseling M.S.

--Biology B.S./Environmental Science M.S.

--Communications B.A./Media and Communication Arts M.A.

--English B.A./Publishing M.S.

--Modern Languages and Cultures: Spanish B.A./Publishing M.S.

--Psychology B.A./Psychology M.A.

--Psychology B.A./Mental Health Counseling M.S.

--Select Majors B.A./Law J.D. and Criminal Justice B.S./Law J.D.

--Select Majors B.A./Teaching Adolescents M.S.

--Select Majors B.A./Public Administration M.P.A.