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Forensic Science, MS

Graduate Program Information

New York City Campus 

This 40-credit science-based program in Forensic Science offered on Pace’s New York City campus can be completed in two years of full time study. Successful candidates have undergraduate majors in bio-chemistry, biology, chemistry, forensic science or a pre-med platform. This major prepares students for immediate careers in forensic labs and makes available to them connections to various employment opportunities.


Undergraduate prerequisites can be completed upon acceptance into this graduate program with the approval of Department Chair. For more information contact the Graduate Admission Office.

Graduate Program Curriculum (40 Credits)

Nine (9) Required Courses (32 credits)

Note: Students who as undergraduates successfully completed FOR 531 and 537 instead are required to take either FOR 707 and FOR 770 or any two graduate department-approved courses.
FOR 531Forensic Microscopy

3 credits

FOR 537Forensic Biology

4 credits

FOR 610Professional Issues in Forensic Science

4 credits

FOR 615Forensic Separations Chemistry

4 credits

FOR 620Analytical Spectroscopy

4 credits

FOR 625Crime Scene Investigation and Reconstruction

4 credits

FOR 621Internship

4 credits

FOR 635Principles of Forensic Pharmacology

4 credits

FOR 699Forensic Science Seminar

1 credits

Total Credit Hours:32

Two (2) Elective Courses (8 Credits)

FOR 701Introduction to Forensic Pathology

4 credits

FOR 702Forensically Oriented Human Anatomy and Physiology

4 credits

FOR 705Forensic Anthropology

4 credits

FOR 706Forensic Toxicology

4 credits

FOR 707Advanced Topics in Forensic DNA Analysis

4 credits

FOR 736Advanced Topics on Criminalistics

4 credits

FOR 770Physical Optics with Forensic Applications

4 credits

FOR 798Research Methodology in Forensic Science

4 credits

FOR 799Thesis

4 credits

Total Credit Hours:8

Total Credits: 40

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Pace admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.