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Letter from the Campus Deans for Students


Letter from the Campus Deans for Students

Dear Pace University Students,

As members of the Pace University Community, students are responsible for knowing and complying with the University’s policies, practices, and procedures. The University’s policies, practices, and procedures may be found in many places, including, without limitation, the online Student Handbook.

The University is required by law to distribute certain policies and information to students and other members of the Pace University Community. Those policies and information may be found online at:

Students who have questions about these policies and information, or any policy, practice, or procedure of the University, should seek clarification from AVP/Dean for Students - New York, Marijo Russell O’Grady, PhD, 41 Park Row, Room 907, New York (212) 346-1306, or Interim AVP/Dean for Students - Westchester, Rachel Carpenter, Kessel Student Center, Dean's Suite, Pleasantville (914) 773-3351.

The University may amend its policies, practices, and procedures with or without prior notice, but will, to the extent practicable, work to provide notice of any such amendments. You are responsible for keeping abreast of amendments to existing policies, practices, and procedures, as well as new ones.



Marijo Russell O’Grady, PhD

AVP/Dean for Students - New York


Rachel Carpenter, PhD

Interim Assoc VP/Dean Students -  Westchester