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Semester Information Guide


This publication is provided as a resource to explain basic academic, registration, student account, and financial aid policies and procedures. Should you have any comments or feedback specifically regarding this publication, please feel free to write us at and be sure to include "Semester Information Guide" in the subject line.


Failure to read the various policies and procedures detailed in this schedule publication regarding academic, registration, student account, and financial aid policies does not excuse you from the responsibility of adhering to them. Illness, ignorance, or contradictory advice from any other source is not acceptable grounds for seeking exemption from any of the policies and procedures contained herein.

Updating Addresses and Telephone Numbers

Pace University encourages all current and former students to keep their addresses and telephone numbers current. Please report any address and telephone number changes to the Office of Student Assistance to ensure your student record is accurate. Failure to do so will result in misdirected correspondence concerning financial aid, tuition and fee information, registration updates, invitations to special events, emergencies, and other various need-to-know information that each student is responsible for even when not received.

Textbook Information

To view textbook information, visit the Pace Portal at  and select the Barnes & Noble textbook application.