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Language, Culture and World Trade Major, BA


This interdisciplinary program blends theory and practice and features three major components: a major in a foreign language and culture (French, Italian, Russian, or Spanish); a professional concentration in one of four areas of international enterprise; and a required capstone course and an internship. It prepares students for graduate school in foreign languages or employment in international corporations including travel and tourism, media and entertainment, diplomacy, banking and transportation.

University Core – (44-55)

Must include ECO 105. For major-appropriate specific core requirements in history, social sciences and religious studies, students meet with Department of Modern Languages and Cultures advisor for approval.

Major Requirements – (42-43)

Required Courses: (9 credits)

DYS 499BSenior Year Experience in Modern Languages and Cultures

3 credits

ECO 106Principles of Economics: Microeconomics

3 credits


ONE internship (3 credits)

Required Electives: (36-37 credits)

EIGHT Upper-Level Courses: (24 credits)

At least six of these courses must be 300-level and in French, Italian, Russian or Spanish.

ONE Required Professional Track: (12-13 credits)

Students choose one of the following tracks: 

1.World Trade TrackMAR 351 and MGT 240 and 2 approved courses

2. International Banking & Economic Policy TrackECO 238 and 362 and 2 approved courses

3. Diplomacy Track:  LAW 325 and POL 114 and 2 approved courses

4. International Travel Industry TrackMGT 307 and 308 and 2 approved courses

Students choose one track, each with two specified courses and two department-approved ones:

1.World Trade Track:  MAR 351 and MGT 240

2. International Banking & Economic Policy Track:  ECO 238 and 362

3. Diplomacy Track:  LAW 325 and POL 114

4. International Travel Industry Track:  MGT 307 and 308

Open Electives – (30-42)

Includes following required Auxiliary Courses:

Note that these courses maya be taken for core curriculum and/or open elective credit.
ECO 105Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics

3 credits

ECO 360International Economics

3 credits

MAR 250Principles of Marketing

3 credits

MAT 117Elementary Statistics

4 credits

MGT 250Managerial and Organizational Concepts

3 credits

LAW 101Business Law I

3 credits

RES 106Religions of the Globe

3 credits

Total Credit Hours: 128

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