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Liberal Studies Major, BA


Liberal Studies is an interdisciplinary program of 120 credits in two-three arts and/or sciences academic disciplines as determined by student interest and advisement. It is appealing to upper-level transfer students and particularly to adult students interested in the possibility of applying Experiential Learning credits towards their degree*. Sample concentrations are Communications and Literature; Criminal Justice and Sociology; and General Liberal Studies. The latter concentration is particularly flexible because it can be built around a theme of the student’s choosing, such as American studies; government; and philosophy and religious studies.

When choosing a concentration, the student works closely with advisers from the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences in order to construct a meaningful and coherent educational experience. Note that many courses applicable to the Liberal Studies major are offered online, though students are free to choose online or on-site ones.

*Note: Up to 36 Experiential Learning credits may be applied toward the degree. Students interested in applying such credits take INT 196B Portfolio Assessment (2 credits) as part of their Open Elective credits.

University Core – (44)

Foundation Courses: (9-12 Credits)

ONE Writing Course

3-4 credits

ONE Math Course

3-4 credits

ONE Capstone/senior year experience course in the major

3-4 credits

Arts and Science Courses (32-35)

Interdisciplinary Major - (32-33)

TWO to THREE liberal arts and/or sciences disciplines:

At least half of these major interdisciplinary credits must be taken at Pace University, and courses must be at 200-level or higher (although up to three courses with faculty approval may be at a lower level).

Main Discipline (20 credits)

Second Discipline (6-12)

Third Discipline (0-6)


Open Electives – (27-28)

Includes INT 196B Portfolio Assessment (2 cred.) needed to determine acceptability of any Experiential Learning credits.

Total Credit Hours: 120

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