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Public Relations Major BS (PLV)


University Core – (42-43)

Major Requirements – (42-43)

Required Major Courses (12 credits)

MCA 180Introduction to Public Relations

3 credits

MCA 264Public Relations Research

3 credits

MCA 497Public Relations Campaigns

3 credits

MCA 393Intern Program I

3 credits

Note: students are required to take MCA 393 for 3 credits to fulfill "Required Major Courses (12 credits)" requirements.  However, with department advisor approval they also may take three to six more MCA 393 internship credits to satisfy "Major Electives" and/or "Open Electives" credits.

Major Electives (30-31 credits)

Students choose ten of the following approved MCA courses:

MCA 209Understanding the Mass Media

3 - 4 credits

MCA 226Writing for the Electronic Media

3 credits

MCA 227Writing for the Print Media

3 credits

MCA 252Media Production I

4 credits

MCA 264Public Relations Research

3 credits

MCA 276Story Idea Development

3 credits

MCA 310Case Studies in Public Relations

3 credits

MCA 311Ethics, Morality, and the Media

3 credits

MCA 336Propaganda

3 credits

MCA 337Writing Public Relations Copy

3 credits

MCA 340Writing for Advertising

3 credits

MCA 354Producing Corporate Video

3 credits

MCA 390Strategic Communication and Leadership

3 credits


also available as electives are MCA 380 (Crisis Communication) and MCA 382 (Celebrity Public Relations) and up to six internship credits of MCA 393 internship course.

Open Electives – (30-42)

Students in this major may declare a minor in "Communications" only if three of the five minor course requirements are taken as Open Electives.

Also note that no more than three (3) credits of MCA 393 Internship course may be taken for elective credit.

See department or college advisor for guidance. 

UNV 101 is a required open elective.

Total Credit Hours: 128

PR majors may declare a minor, or pursue a double major, or dual degree in other programs offered through MCVA department; however, students must fulfill requirements separately (overlap of requirements is not permitted).  Students should consult with academic advisor to learn more.

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