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University Core Curriculum


University Core Curriculum Policy for Transfer Students and Freshmen Students

At Pace University a transfer student is defined as one who prior to attendance enters the University with a minimum of 25 accepted college-level credits (grade of "C" or better) from one or more institutions.

For purposes of determining appropriate University Core Curriculum requirements, transfer students are required to complete Core Foundation requirements and one course in Civic Engagement and Public Values  but with flexibility for the remaining Core requirements. However, students entering with fewer than 25 accepted transfer credits (classified as freshmen) are required to complete the entire Core Curriculum.

University Core Curriculum In-Depth Sequence Policy for Qualified Students

Qualified students are permitted to pursue an "in-depth sequence", i.e., an opportunity to explore a subject area in the arts and sciences in some depth and perhaps applicable towards an available academic minor. 

An in-depth sequence consists of six credits in a subject area within the core, beyond core requirements in that area, and is in a subject area outside the student's major. Qualified students build their in-depth sequence by replacing one course from Areas of Knowledge (excluding Area One: Civic Engagement and Public Values).  However, courses in the sequence may not substitute for requirements in the student's school or first major program.  A student wishing to pursue an in-depth sequence should consult an advisor in the Office of the Dean of Dyson College of Arts and Sciences and in advance of study file with the Office of Student Assistance an approved sequence.