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Computer Science Major B.S.

Bachelor of Science

University Core

(See University Core Curriculum section)

Students have to complete the foundation requirements classes MAT 131 and CS 121, as well as one Lab Science course in BIO 101, CHE 111, PHY 111, or ENV 222. Seidenberg majors are also required to complete two courses from each of the four Areas of Knowledge, one of which must be MAT 234.

Computing Core

21 Credits

CS 113Mathematical Structures for Computer Science

4 credits

CS 121Computer Programming I

4 credits

CS 122Computer Programming II

4 credits

CS 232Computer Organization

4 credits

CS 241Data Structures and Algorithms

4 credits

CS 271Fundamentals of UNIX and C Programming

2 credits

CS 312Research Methods in Computers and Society

3 credits

*CS 121 is shared with the University Core

Advanced Required Courses

24 Credits

CS 242Algorithms and Computing Theory

4 credits

CS 331Security in Computing

4 credits

CS 361Programming Languages and Implementation

4 credits

CS 371Operating Systems and Architecture

4 credits

CS 389Software Engineering

4 credits

CS 488Computer Networks and the Internet

4 credits

Advanced Electives

8 Credits

Students can take 2-3 Advanced Elective courses for a total of 8 credits.

CS Advanced Electives in CS

8 credits


12 Credits

MAT 131Calculus I

4 credits

MAT 132Calculus II

4 credits

MAT 234Introduction to Probability and Statistical Analysis

4 credits

*MAT 131 and MAT 234 are shared with the University Core.

Science and Technology

4 Credits

Science CHE 112 PHY 112 BIO 102

4 credits

Free Electives

3-11 Credits

UNV 101First-Year Seminar: Introduction to University Community

1 credits

UNV 101 Freshmen Seminar is required for all new freshmen.

Total Credit Hours: 120

*Note: ENG 105 C&D, MAT 100, and MAT 103 cannot be used towards the 120 credits for graduation

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